Hey everyone! My name is Katie DelaCruz, and I'm a lifestyle photographer located in Wichita, Kansas! I am a hairstylist by day, and aspiring photographer by night. I'm engaged to the most amazing man in this world. His name is Jake. We have a maltese named Daisy and she is our favorite person on the planet. 

Things I'm all about; love, family, olive green, iced tea, my dog, any dog, ripped up jeans, pizza, cinnamon vanilla creme coffee creamer, crystals, cold-shoulder tops, my camera, makeup, cute leather bracelets, anything with a floral pattern, trying new coffee shops, leather & jean jackets, rainy days, essential oils, my family, lavender bed spray, Michael Jackson, road trips, pretty dresses, sunsets, yoga, converse, music, dream catchers, leggings (yes, they are pants), exploring the city, reading, dainty jewelry, the movie Clueless (AS IF it'd be any other..see what I did there?) my plants, and traveling. 


My Story

Two years ago, when I graduated cosmetology school, I told my family that I wanted a nice camera to film makeup videos for YouTube. So for graduation, they surprised me and got me a Canon Rebel T5i, and I fell in love. I didn't know I could love an inanimate object as much as i loved this camera. I started filming videos, but after a couple I decided I wasn't meant to be in front of the camera. I started taking pictures of everything, Daisy, my dog, fell victim to constantly being posed and working as my model, as well as my future-sister in law's family. I started taking pictures on holidays. And birthdays, and any other time I could find something to take pictures of, if there was something cute happening, I wanted to have my camera in hand to capture it. Then back in November of 2016, our close friends wanted me to do their family pictures for Christmas cards, of course I was thrilled and more than happy to do so, but also super nervous because I had never done anything "professional". After posting them onto various social media accounts, I got a HUGE response to do more and more photography for other people. So here I am. I totally understand my style is not for everyone, but if it is for you let's hangout for coffee, tea, pizza, and talk about it!
Also, small disclaimer, I know my style isn't traditional. I am a lifestyle photographer. I capture moments, not poses. I love shooting how I love to shoot, and it won't change.. no matter who my client is. My style isn't for everyone, and I am totally okay with that. But if you do love my style, and do want to book with me, click the contact tab and send me a message! 

Pictures from my most recent "At-Home" shoot.