Mid Century Modern Kansas City In Home Session

DDDAAMMMNNN Katie, back at it again with the blogs. Hahahahah I had too.

Anyways, I am SOOOO excited to finally share this session with you all. This was one of my all-time favorites. In homes have been my go to lately for people that want to have there pictures taken but the weather doesn't cooperate. And who doesn't love an excuse to get dressed down and just hang out. My photog bestie, Hana Alsoudi, she's amaze and you should check her out, reached out to see if we wanted to work on a shoot together. We planned everything out, location and overall vibe wise, and we realized we were dreaming up a couple that we thought didn't exist. Wrong. We put out a model call, and Dev reached out to me and sent pictures of them eating pizza in their hammock, and I texted Hana real quick and was like "GOT EM," and she was just as obsessed as I was. 

We met up with these cuties at Hana's apartment in downtown Kansas City, and they brought some killer clothes and even better music to listen too, music always helps my couples relax. We asked them to sit on the bed, and then the magic just sort of happened. We laughed like the whole time, played in the sheets, and even broke Hana's closet door, so hopefully her apartment complex doesn't read this.. 

I love when couples just let everything go and connect with each other. There inso pressure, handle an directing, and it's so comfortable being behind the camera just watching everything happen. I absolutely love my job and all the people that I have been able to connect with because of it. Here are some of my favorite shots from this day!

Kansas Flint Hills Engagement Session

Same day, new blog! 

This session might be one of my favorites of all time. The sunlight was unreal this day, and it started off by being super cold and rainy, but as soon as we started shooting the clouds went away and the sun was shining bright!

These two cuties, where to even start. They show up looking so fly and literally exactly what I had imaged them in it was crazy! We walked a little bit to a location in the Flint Hills near Emporia, also if you don't know in Kansas the flint hills is about the closest thing you can get to mountains! I absolutely love shooting out there! Naomi and Michael brought their two fur babies, and they ran and ran and ran around out in the open field. I seriously wish I had their energy. We snapped some pictures of the whole family, including the sweaters that Michael made the dogs! Then we switched out focus to the couple! These two were so down for anything, even if they had no clue what I was talking about. They totally put all their trust in me and I love how they turned out! Take a look at some of my favorites below!  

New Home Wichita Lifestyle Session

I really am making a comeback with the blogs, it's been a week, and this will be my second blog, with two more going up this week! WAHOOO! Finally getting my sh*t together! I am super excited about this session!

This sweet coupe invited me into their new home! Lisa had contact me before they moved in and wanted pictures to remember those first few weeks of living in their forever home! I showed up and was blown away, not only because their house is seriously so gorgeous, I mean..they had palm trees in their front yard..but I could just tell they were amazing people! I don't think I have ever laughed as hard as I did during that session, we actually needed up running over on time because we wouldn't stop talking! I love when I meet clients and they become friends and it really was just like I was hanging out with two friends I have known forever! We played pool, and shuffleboard..I think thats what they called it..lol and seriously had the freaking best time ever.

Huge thank you to these lovebirds for allowing me to capture their love in their beautiful new home! Can't wait for all the pool parties they are hosting this summer! <3

New Years Kansas In Home Lifestyle Session

Hey guys! It's been awhile but I'M BACKK! I had a lot of things happen this past year, and I promise to make a blog post all about my journey but for now, I will share the first session of the new year!

In home sessions have recently stolen my heart. I love just hanging out in leggings and a tee shirts, with a super cute coupe in their home. Nothing is more personal and I feel way more connected to a couple when they invite me into their home! These two actually won my new years giveaway, and I am so glad I drew their name out of the hat! They were so down for every crazy idea I threw out them! We got super cozy, danced around the living room, and laughed a ton! I cannot wait to work with these two in the future!

Lakeside Wichita Engagement Session

Hey guys! Remember when I said a month ago I was going to be more consistent with blogging..yeah I lied. Not on purpose, but I have been so busy this past month. I wanted to jump on here and share one of my all time favorite sessions! Janneth and Thomas' lakeside engagements were so fun and something totally out of the norm for me. We dodged a lot of snakes to be able to take pictures in front of the beautiful waterfall at Santa Fe Lake in Augusta! We were also super sweaty by the end, but then we jumped in water to cool things off a bit. That part of the session was my fave. Because honestly, I was just standing there in the water telling them to splash each other and they did the rest. I am so happy for you guys and I cannot thank you enough for letting me take your engagements! So much love. <3

Kansas Sun-Filled Anniversary Session Nikki+Tyler

Hey guys!! I'm back to blogging and I promise this time, I will be more consistent! I thought I would sit down today and blog one of my all time favorite sessions! Nikki & Tyler!

Nikki had reached out to me on social media and was telling me about how she lives in Utah, and she's a photographer that wanted to connect with some locals here to just hang out with and shoot around together! Her husband, Tyler, accepted an internship at a company here in Wichita. so they packed up and moved to here for the summer! I was so excited that these two gave me the opportunity to capture some of their love story here in Kansas! They are super cute, obvi, and we had some nice weather so I asked them if they wanted to shoot, and they were totally down. SO in love, absolutely adorable, and just very much my kind of peeps, so I was ecstatic when I got a yes! 

We made sure to run wild in some wheat fields, and take full advantage of the Kansas sunsets we are known for. Thank you guys again for allowing me to be part of your time here in this state! 

Much love,

Katie <3

Adventurous Antelope Island Couples Session-Brandon+Alyssa

Hey there guys! Sorry it's been so long! Life and just about everything else has gotten in the way of blogging! I'm so so excited to share this session with you all! It's been one of my favorites to date, and I think it will continue to be a favorite of mine for a long time. I traveled to Salt Lake City, Utah for my own engagements, SO exciting, and while I was there I was able to do a mentor session with Kylie Morgan, who is also my engagement/wedding photographer. She found the most perfect couples and we hung out on Antelope Island and got chased around my gnats & mosquitoes all night. She is AHMAZING. I highly recommend doing a mentor sesh with her if you are in that area! I learned so much and you will notice I am editing and shooting a lot more "me" if you will. I love dark and moody, but I didn't think it fit my vision of what I wanted for my business. So she sat down with me and helped e figure out a style that I could use across the board and that fit my vision for my business. It was seriously SO helpful. I cannot thank her enough! 

Back to the blog, Alyssa and Brandon were the most down to earth people I have ever met. We actually ended up crashing at their place the whole weekend! I can honestly say we made lifelong friends that weekend as well. Alyssa was styled by Bohme Boise, and her outfit was SO cute. As I said, we hung out on the island and drove around and even trespassed at one point, whoops! We all had so much fun! I hope you enjoy some of theses pictures as much as I do! I'll be catching up on blogging this week so stayed tuned! <3

Romantic Wichita, KS Anniversary Session

I'm so excited to finally share some of these images with you guys. This is another session that is near & dear to my heart. I had ran a giveaway back in February, literally the month after I started considering myself a "photographer"! These two were selected as one of two winners. Due to schedule conflicts, and weather, we had to put off meeting up until mid April! Well, let me just say, it was totally worth the wait.

Adaira, is the owner of a super cute online boutique! Al Morsati Boutique is the name of it, you should totally check it out. Her clothes are ridiculously cute. Her and her husband Chris, just celebrated heir 6 year wedding anniversary! How cool is that? I love when young couples are still crazy in love after years of marriage.

I had so much fun sipping coffee, chasing them around a local park, and the sun finally came out to play for about 5 minutes, but that's all we needed and we definitely took advantage of it. Take a look at some of my favorites from their session. <3