Frequently asked questions


What kind of sessions do you offer?

Right now I am only offering destination weddings and elopements, and couples sessions! My heart is totally just with those types of sessions and it's been so hard to narrow everything down and find out what makes me heart beat the hardest.


What should I wear for my session? 

I get asked this more than any other question! And its a very detailed answer because there are so many options! My typical session I say the color scheme is more neutral, grey's, blacks, and whites. You can throw in patterns, and mix in other more muted colors, like olive green or navy! Long flows dresses always work and help create movement!


How long does a typical session last?

A typical session last for an hour to and hour and a half depending on on the package you get! 


What can I expect from a session with you?

I'm all about exploring and having fun! I will most likely say some of the worst jokes to get you to laugh. I also like to describe my session as a workout, lots of running and chasing and playing! I am all about sun and wind! I'm not about posed shots, but I know we will grab a few for the grandmas! 


How many images do you deliver back? And how long does it typically take to get my photos back?


On couples sessions I say 2-3 weeks after the session is pretty typical! With weddings, because there is so much more that goes into it, those can take 4-6 weeks! I usually give back about 60 images per hour sessions, but there I don't limit them!